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Motorcyle pants that look like stylish jeans. Who knew? Our Draggin Next Gen Blue Jeans for Men are fitted with Roomoto MR7+ technology that will protect you in style. Stretchy denim in these kevlar motorcycle jeans is breathable and cooling. Our protective motorcycle jeans have everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a motorcycle pant.

Another engineering feat. Draggin’s MR7+ – or 70 metres of safety – is seamlessly engineered into the jeans. And with our patented PML technology – Performance Mesh Liner – there are no visible seams. Bringing freedom and innovation to your ride.

  • No external stitching
  • Stretch denim
  • Mesh sports comfort liner
  • Breathable
  • Cooling
  • Hip and knee armour pockets included
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Draggin Next Gen Blue Jeans for Men kevlar motorcycle jeans hug you in all the right places while giving you much needed protection. These kevlar motorcycle jeans were built with our Performance Mesh Liner technology, so they have no visible external stitching. That means the Draggin Next Gen Blue protective jeans for motorcyclists look like regular, stylish jeans with added durability for your riding adventures. The Roomoto MR7+ technology will protect you from slides for up to 7.45 seconds, or 75 meters. With the Draggin Next Gen Blue you’ll never have to get your car out, because these kevlar motorcycle jeans are oh-so breathable and cooling. The side and rear seam is triple-stitched for added protection. We understand the desire to be out on the road, which is why we created our Draggin Next Gen Blue Jeans for Men for all riders. There are no rivets so you won’t scratch or damage your bike. Both passengers and riders will Ride Draggin. Our Draggin Next Gen Blue Jeans for Men will provide you with both the style and the protection you have always dreamed of.

About Roomoto MR7+:

About Roomoto MR7+:

Roomoto MR7+ is a thinner, lighter fabric with more abrasion resistance with the longest slide time. Roomoto® MR7+ changes the paradigm by increasing safety, almost doubling the abrasion resistance from 4.4 seconds to more than 7.46 seconds. This is higher than the slide time for CE level 2 safety rating. At the same time Roomoto MR7+ has dropped in weight, it is now 30% lighter. Making Draggin® the lightest protective riding jeans. Being exceptionally light weight makes for ultra-breathability and comfort. Plus DuPont® Kevlar™ recognises only Draggin for meeting the safety requirements awarding Draggin as a DuPont Kevlar Preferred Licensee. For you it means with Draggin you get genuine results. Draggin are the perfect motorcycle jeans for all riding conditions. With Draggin you’re ready to ride! Draggin Next Gen Blue Jeans comes with the Roomoto MR7+ technology.

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Product Details:

  • Roomoto MR7+ protective lining
  • Min. 7.45 seconds or 75 metres slide time
  • 30% Lighter
  • Traditional 5 pocket design
  • Leather belt patch with Draggin logo
  • Brushed metal matt finish button
  • No rivets so you don’t scratch your bike
  • Side and rear seam construction triple stitched
  • Genuine locking front zipper without nickel content
  • Performance Mesh Liner to prevent heat transfer from road friction
  • Knee and Hip armour pockets for CE approved protectors

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